POST #1- My First Blog

Hi there people! This is my first blog post EVER! Hopefully I’ll have more then just my mom read it lol. I plan on being myself and a little less formal when writing these so please read them like I’m your best friend and be nice. A little about me, I’ve been doing photography for quite a few years now since I was in grade school when I got my first 35mm camera. I absolutely loved it. I still loved it even when the back kept flipping open and exposing my film, so I taped it shut using electrical tape lol. So ghetto. Over the years I took courses whenever I could until one day digital cameras were the big thing. I got my first digital camera and it was great….except I liked film better. Years later after just shooting whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, I found myself not loving my jobs anymore and wanted to pursue something with a purpose that I loved doing. That’s when I asked my friends if I could shoot their wedding, my first wedding and they said yes. I was terrified. I had no real professional equipment needed to shoot a wedding, which I know now but didn’t know then. It was horrible and I never felt so bad. I knew I could do better but the thing about weddings is that everything happens very fast and you don’t get a mulligan. My friends said that they liked their photos which made me feel a little better but if you really know me, I always feel that I could do better and...