All you need to know about Engagement Photography Sessions

Hello again! I’ve been constantly asked so many questions about engagement photography sessions. Unfortunately, people still have no where to turn but bad information strung together from various friends and websites. I’m very open about things revolving around the wedding industry because I feel some companies out there still want nothing more then to rip people off and make a quick buck. So I’ll do what I can to be as objective as possible and fill you in on why, what, where, when and how these engagement photography sessions are important. After you find the photographer, hopefully me, the first thing you want to ask your photographer are some important questions. These questions are much more important then you think. They help you as a customer understand what your wedding day photos will look like and what it will be like to work with this photographer. There are many things that will happen on the wedding day that you won’t be able to see during an engagement photography session but at least you should have an idea if your photographer is capable of photographing your wedding and if you like them enough to spend the whole day with them. So to get started you have to think to yourself what kind photos do you want done. Engagement photography sessions aren’t supposed to be a boring walk in the park, get your photo taken and go home. It’s supposed to be a time when you get the chance to have professional photos taken doing whatever you can think of doing without having to stop your fun and take a selfie....