So Many Wedding Photographer Horror Stories!

I’m sure by now since being engaged all of the horror stories have just been coming out of everywhere, right? Everyone has input about how they have heard a story about some friend of a friend experiencing such bad luck with one of the vendors at their wedding and now you’re rethinking and second guessing all of your decisions. One of the most common errors a couple makes is hiring the wrong photographer. Most of the time this can be avoided but not all the time. A little research and asking the right questions is certainly very important before hiring the person that’s gonna be stalking you for 10 hours lol. Yes, it is true, every one that buys a camera these days thinks they are a professional photographer and will put together an okay portfolio and charge a bunch of money. So how do you figure out who is a professional and who is just starting out? How do you know what you want? Even if you can figure these things out, which one do you choose? Let me TRY and help all of you nice people out there without writing for 20 pages lol. First thing is first, know your date and location before speaking to a photographer. There are hundreds of photographers that will tell you what you wanna hear to get a quick buck. Write down your questions and concerns and have a real conversation with a person on a phone or in person. This way you can eliminate certain characters that you didn’t want to work with. If someone can’t have an intelligent conversation...