Hello world,

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. Obviously, my name is Nick Janzen and I have turned my passion for photography into a business. Now I hope you didn’t click on this page looking for a bunch of juicy details into my private life cause if so you’re gonna want to go find my mom on Facebook for that. I’m writing this page to let you the reader into why you should hire me to capture your photos. A little about when I got started then, I was only in grade 7 when I first fell in love taking photos. I really loved and still love capturing people candidly as well as bringing a story together with a timeline of photos. I love how artistic photography can be and that an idea in your head can become a reality with simple click of a button. I’m not the guy that carries a big camera around everywhere I go but I am a guy who can’t stop thinking of ideas that can be created. I guess you could call me a day dreamer,after all, my own wife does. Back in 2011 I decided turn this crazy hobby of mine into a career and loved every second of it, well the photography part, not the business part, the business part sucked for a while lol. I got married in 2013 and we had our daughter in 2014. I was lucky enough to be a stay at home dad for the first 5 years and really only focus on photography on the weekends. The more photography I did the more ideas of mine I could try. I’ve tried many styles of photography in various types of photography and after all these years I have found my niche of what I love to shoot, which is anything that allows my artistic vision out of the box. Anytime I have to shoot something boring my inner child is off in a corner crying somewhere. We bought our first house in Tillsonburg which really isn’t that far from the 401. I shoot everyday I can Monday to Sunday at any hour of the day if possible. I’m very reasonable and flexible (my work, not my body) I’m someone you can trust to do the job. I won some awards and have a bunch of rave reviews including celebrity but I guess my down fall was not putting enough effort into my online presence. My goal for 2020 is to really shine online and show the world what I’m all about. When I’m not holding a camera I’m learning something new to better myself. Usually it’s a skill or some knowledge I can mix with photography in some way such as learning more about social media marketing, SEO, building artistic props or even a studio in the back yard.

Hopefully you’ve learned a little more about me to take the next step and wanting to meet to discuss your photography needs. If you want to get to know me more find me on Instagram and Facebook