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All you need to know about Engagement Photography Sessions

Hello again! I’ve been constantly asked so many questions about engagement photography sessions. Unfortunately, people still have no where to turn but bad information strung together from various friends and websites. I’m very open about things revolving around the wedding industry because I feel some companies out there still want nothing more then to rip people off and make a quick buck. So I’ll do what I can to be as objective as possible and fill you in on why, what, where, when and how these engagement photography sessions are important. After you find the photographer, hopefully me, the first thing you want to ask your photographer are some important questions. These questions are much more important then you think. They help you as a customer understand what your wedding day photos will look like and what it will be like to work with this photographer. There are many things that will happen on the wedding day that you won’t be able to see during an engagement photography session but at least you should have an idea if your photographer is capable of photographing your wedding and if you like them enough to spend the whole day with them. So to get started you have to think to yourself what kind photos do you want done. Engagement photography sessions aren’t supposed to be a boring walk in the park, get your photo taken and go home. It’s supposed to be a time when you get the chance to have professional photos taken doing whatever you can think of doing without having to stop your fun and take a selfie....

So you got engaged…now what?

Well HEY, congratulations on your engagement! Now what are you gonna do? Well, let me help. First, you’re gonna need a date to get married. Some couples choose a date that’s important to them and some couples don’t care about the date at all and think the venue is the most important thing and just take whatever date is available still. Without a date everything else is useless….yes even the dress. It may be years before you get married so make that decision first so everything else can start happening. The wedding industry is a funny thing because of the amount of people getting married each year it allows for the growth of many new businesses to come along. The problem is that YOU as a couple will not know that a business is new until you ask or do your research. Putting luck aside for the purpose of this blog, you’ll want to do some research into companies you’re gonna want to spend your day with. Once you figure out a list of what is important to you on your day, you’ll be able to start looking into companies to hire. Again, putting luck aside you’ll want to give yourself some time before the wedding to get all the vendors available on your day and first to book up is the venue. Always, book your venue first. Once you do that, you’ll have a location and a date to tell the other vendors and it will help in your process. If photography is important to you, it comes next on the list. Just remember one thing, no matter...

POST #1- My First Blog

Hi there people! This is my first blog post EVER! Hopefully I’ll have more then just my mom read it lol. I plan on being myself and a little less formal when writing these so please read them like I’m your best friend and be nice. A little about me, I’ve been doing photography for quite a few years now since I was in grade school when I got my first 35mm camera. I absolutely loved it. I still loved it even when the back kept flipping open and exposing my film, so I taped it shut using electrical tape lol. So ghetto. Over the years I took courses whenever I could until one day digital cameras were the big thing. I got my first digital camera and it was great….except I liked film better. Years later after just shooting whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, I found myself not loving my jobs anymore and wanted to pursue something with a purpose that I loved doing. That’s when I asked my friends if I could shoot their wedding, my first wedding and they said yes. I was terrified. I had no real professional equipment needed to shoot a wedding, which I know now but didn’t know then. It was horrible and I never felt so bad. I knew I could do better but the thing about weddings is that everything happens very fast and you don’t get a mulligan. My friends said that they liked their photos which made me feel a little better but if you really know me, I always feel that I could do better and...