Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography is a newer service that is now being offered due to the demand of past clients. There may be less examples to see here because the images of clients are always kept private unless the client has agreed for their private photos to be used on the site for sharing. Boudoir Photography has really taken off in these past few years even though it has been quite popular for many years.  Boudoir Photography sessions are popular because they give a woman a chance to have some sexy creative photography done. Even though traditionally women want these sessions, Boudoir Photography sessions are also offered to men as well. Why can’t it go both ways?

Most of these sessions will start with you getting ready and fully clothed and then slowly removing layers as the session goes on, telling a seductive story. Other possibilities include many different outfits you find sexy, possibly even just a sweater and jeans and heals, it really is up to you and your comfort level. Suggestions will be made and direction will be given to get the best possible outcome. There are many takes on what sexy is, seductive, cute and fun. The amount of clothing being worn is always up to the models own comfort level. Nick will work with you on creative ideas and which direction you want your session to go.

Boudoir Photography sessions are available on their own but are usually combined with wedding photography. These sessions include multiple hours of photography with multiple locations. Typically, these sessions are held inside your home but can be done outdoors or even at a rented location such as a bar or studio or restaurant and all depends on what ideas the photographer and client can come up with together. Please visit the Contact us page to book your session today.