Leave The Boring At Home, Try Something New

Burning Steel Wool Is Fun

Behind The Scenes Toronto Zoo

Ever Want To Act Out A Fantasy?

Capture Some Beautiful Scenery

Rent Out A 1950's Cafe And Dress Up

Romance At It's Finest

Never Look At A Cornfield The Same Way Again

Re-Enact A Movie Kiss

Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy

Special Lenses Available

Strip Off Your Inhibitions

Tie The Knot...

...Or Else!

Even If You Have To Drag Them

Just Remember To Relax...

...Be Yourself...

...And Have Fun

Cute Funny Proposals

Show Off That Rock

Rent A Classic Car

Maybe Use Your Work Place?

Really Anywhere Will Do

Be Bold, Live A Little

Romance In A Dark Place...

Romance In A Bright Place...

Just Go For It, Like A Horny Teenager

Kiss Like There Isn't A Guy With A Camera

Sometimes Props Are Awesome

Beautiful Locations Can Make A Photo

Infrared Camera Ready To Go

Special Effects Included

Bringing A Personality Is Your Job

Wedding Planning Is Exhausting...I'm Here To Help

Do I Have To Spell It Out For You...

...I'm Fun, Artistic And Creative

Professional Lighting Takes Practice

Secret Locations Add Some Mystery

Finding Beauty Everywhere

Photo Credit: Ford Mustang Shelby GT LOL

We Used The Same Location For Engagement, Wedding, Maternity & Newborn

Engagement Photography Sessions are available on their own but are usually combined with Wedding Photography. These sessions include multiple locations and as many clothing changes as is wanted. Typically these sessions are held outside but have been done indoors as well and all depend on what the customer is wanting. Please do not think that engagement sessions mean that they have to be done at a park doing multiple kissing poses. Think out of the box and do something you want remembered, it’s not every day you’ll have a professional photographer following you around.

The main reason you want to pair your engagement session with wedding photography is to become more comfortable with the entire process of photography and feeling comfortable with your photographer. Think of an engagement session as a dry run for your wedding day so the big day runs smoothly. Many tips are given during these sessions for your wedding day photography.

Please visit the Contact page to book your session today.