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This honest wedding photographer has nothing to hide answering any of your wedding photography questions and even offering some valuable wedding photography tips to help every couple make a hard decision and easy one.

Question: Who is the actual photographer that shows up at the wedding?

Answer: You get exclusive coverage from Nick Janzen (me). I understand that other photographers offer two photographers or more and then you have no idea whose work you’re really looking at. Be assured everything on this website is strictly from one photographer.

Question: Do you offer a second photographer?

Answer: I do offer the ability to have a second photographer hired for your day. Now days there is a trend of companies popping up offering two photographers. There would only be a benefit if the price was less AND there were two professionals that do the same work as me on the same level. What is happening, are professionals hiring amateur photographers as their secondary photographers and not telling their customers the truth. Still with two photographers, no company is offering to provide their customer with as many high quality photos as Nick Janzen Photography, as my average customer receives over 2500 wedding photos.

Question: What is the difference between a professional and an amateur photographer?

Answer:A professional photographer will know what to do in situations that arise during weddings. They will use professional equipment and know how to use it. They will help guide you through your day and not just take photos like a guest. Nick Janzen Photography tells a complete story of your wedding providing photos of every detail and events that happen throughout the day. A Professional will give direction to you and all of your guests for photos. Many other problems happen during weddings that only a professional will know how to handle including bad weather, fights, falling outs with people, dress problems, suit problems, no lights/complete darkness, power outages,equipment failure,proper care for the dress during travel and the list goes on and on. With Nick Janzen Photography you get experience in almost all situations that could and have happened that an amateur just couldn’t know what to do.

Question: I found someone cheaper. Can you offer me something more?

Answer: There will always be someone or something cheaper if you long and hard enough but in most cases it will never mean that you are buying a better service or product. There are many ways you can compare prices. If you ask how many photos you will receive. Most competitors will say between 800-1000 for a 12 hour wedding. I give an average of 3000 photos for a 12 hour day, which works out to 3-4 times more. So the competitor would have to cost 3 times less then Nick Janzen Photography. Then you have to compare the quality of their photos and if they’re professional photographers offering you the same level of service. I always quote the best price I can offer for the time of year your wedding falls into.

Question: Do you offer videography?

Answer: As you’ve probably noticed, I don’t work like other companies. I have worked hard to offer the customer a high quality photography service, always trying to perfect my ever changing craft. I have yet been able to find someone working as hard as I do and wouldn’t feel comfortable telling people that they will be getting the same level of service with my photography that people have come to expect. It will ALWAYS work out better for the customer to find a professional photographer they fall in love with AS WELL as finding a professional videographer they fall in love with and the price isn’t usually much difference for an overall better experience and product/service. Just think, would you expect to buy those Jimmy Choo shoes and Vera Wang dress in the same place?

Question: How many photos do you take and how many do we get of those taken?

Answer: Over the years I have progressed taking more and more high quality photos including candid moments, details and decor as well as portraits and staged photos. I take a photo of any moment that will help tell a wedding days story or that I think looks artistic and beautiful.Sometimes I take a photo that makes no sense to other people but to me it’ll merge well with another photo. On average shooting many weddings now I average taking over 600 photos EACH hour I work.When I go through all of the photos the first time I take out any photo that is a duplicate or possibly bad photo in general. After editing photos, I usually end up giving the newlyweds an average of 250 photos for every hour I worked.For example: If you book me for 10 hours I would take 5000 photos or more and I would give the newlyweds 2500 of those photos. Of course every wedding is different and sometimes there just isn’t enough to shoot so I may take less but not usually by much. Sometimes a wedding is very large and has many moments to capture and I end up taking many many photos more. It really depends on the wedding. I really don’t stop shooting because there is always something to capture….unless I take a bathroom break, then the camera goes down lol.

Question: Do you edit the photos?

Answer: There are many ways to answer this question. Most people have no idea what that question really means. Many photos on this website haven’t even been edited because I have properly set up the situation, the lighting and have used an external filter. Sometimes, a natural look will actually look better as well and editing isn’t needed. Just think, did photographers need to edit a photo when they used film before digital? In some cases further editing is needed and those photos do get edited. I usually go through all the photos several times and choose my favourites and do further advanced editing to them. Couples receive these edits as well. After couples receive all of their photos and have had the chance to go through them, they will have the opportunity to request their favourites to be edited a certain way.We will have the chance to sit down and discuss all of the types of editing styles that are available. All of this is included in any quote. I do have the option as well to include all of the originals as well as editing all of the photos. The bottom line, I want couples to be happy with their wedding photos and show them off. Having every photo edited in an advanced way is possible but needs to be requested during a quote, as editing so many photos will take a lot more time and effort.

Question: Do you shrink the photos or put your company logo on them or watermark them?

Answer: I always give couples the full size photo. There is never any company logos on your photos. I do not put any watermarks on your photos.I do realize that many photographers make their living off of up selling their customers on prints and do all of the above to force the customer to buy their own wedding photos from the photographer. I believe this is an unneccessary thing to do and is a horrible business practice.People should know what they’re paying for and decide on their own if they would like to buy prints or books etc from the photographer.

Question: How long will it take to get my wedding photos?

Answer: I work on photos in the order that I take them. So that everyone receives the same fair service. On average couples get their wedding photos in about 4 weeks. Sometimes less, sometimes more depending on how busy the time of year is. The longest it has ever taken me is 6 weeks and the fastest I have ever taken was 1.5 weeks for a short wedding.

Question: How much experience do you have photographing weddings?

Answer: I have been practicing photography for the past 22 years starting when I was just 13 years old in photography class.I started to specialize in weddings back in 2010 and average around 15-20 weddings each year now.

Question: Are there any weddings you haven’t done or won’t do?

Answer: Of course I haven’t done every type of wedding but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t. I have photographed weddings for the LGBT community, many cultures and religions but have not done them all. I will photograph any wedding. I am not against love. If you don’t see an example of your wedding it may be due to privacy requests. With simple communication, I can photograph any wedding with the respect it deserves.

Question: Do you limit the amount of weddings you take on each year?
Answer: I’ve decided these past few years to limit the amount of weddings I take on due to quality and customer satisfaction. I will not be taking on more then 20 weddings each year and with ever growing requests, I may drop that number to 15.

Question: How much do you charge? That is the question on everyone’s mind. The short answer is that I prefer not to give quotes online anymore but to give you some idea because every one has a budget, my pricing starts at $500 and my full wedding day photography packages start at $2800. Every couple that has hired me in the past has met me first and I believe that is important for many reasons. Those who have hired someone just based on money are never happy with the outcome…we’ve all heard the stories. So if you’re loving what you see so far, then we should set up a meeting and talk about your needs and what it’ll take to make you and your fiance happy.

If there is anything at all you have questions about that may not have been covered here, please feel free to visit the Contact Us page and get in touch with Nick Janzen directly.