Trash the dress photography is a term that has caught on and started to trend a little while ago now but is still highly misunderstood to this day. Trash the dress photography is nothing more then a term. These sessions are popular because they give the bride a chance to have some creative photography done after their wedding day has come and gone. Most creative ideas done during these sessions will not damage or even dirty your dress and it is suggested you wear your dress for best results. However, there are some creative ideas that do require actual trashing of the dress or may just get your dress dirty. For these ideas the bride now has the option to actually trash her own dress OR trash a dress provided by Nick Janzen Photography. Trash the Dress Photography sessions are available on their own but are usually combined with Wedding Photography. These sessions include multiple hours of photography with multiple locations. Typically, these sessions are held outside but can be done indoors as well and all depend on what ideas the photographer and client can come up with together. It is recommended to do these sessions shortly after the wedding within a few months.   Please visit the Contact us page to book your session today.