All you need to know about Engagement Photography Sessions

Hello again! I’ve been constantly asked so many questions about engagement photography sessions. Unfortunately, people still have no where to turn but bad information strung together from various friends and websites. I’m very open about things revolving around the wedding industry because I feel some companies out there still want nothing more then to rip people off and make a quick buck. So I’ll do what I can to be as objective as possible and fill you in on why, what, where, when and how these engagement photography sessions are important. After you find the photographer, hopefully me, the first thing you want to ask your photographer are some important questions. These questions are much more important then you think. They help you as a customer understand what your wedding day photos will look like and what it will be like to work with this photographer. There are many things that will happen on the wedding day that you won’t be able to see during an engagement photography session but at least you should have an idea if your photographer is capable of photographing your wedding and if you like them enough to spend the whole day with them. So to get started you have to think to yourself what kind photos do you want done. Engagement photography sessions aren’t supposed to be a boring walk in the park, get your photo taken and go home. It’s supposed to be a time when you get the chance to have professional photos taken doing whatever you can think of doing without having to stop your fun and take a selfie. You basically have professional paparazzi for a few hours. Imagine having a grand food fight like my wife and I did or going behind the scenes at the Toronto Zoo touching and feeding a giraffe up close. Go on an amazing hike to a waterfall and get your picture taken under the water! Like tall buildings, why not a stroll downtown Toronto or an old small town like Stratford or Tobermory. Play with a campfire, sparklers, steel wool or more at night and get some awesome light writing photos. The point is, think bigger then a park with a tree. Nature is great, don’t get me wrong, I love it. Just don’t feel forced into the same old thing just because some people say so. Get on a rollarcoaster with your photographer and have some fun literally. Once you get the idea of what to do then you can choose when in the year and where to start planning for. Why these engagement photography sessions are important are because when you’re doing any of these ideas you’ll get to know your photographer and be able to see how they work.  On your wedding day you’ll be prepared for whatever happens and have confidence in your wedding photographer to help you through the possible crazy wedding day that could and most likely will happen because as much as you plan, you just can’t control everything. So how do you have a successful engagement session and if you’ve done everything above you probably still have questions, right? I get this question a lot, What should we wear? Let’s be honest here, you know what you look good wearing but there are some things to keep in mind. If you wear black or white most of the time you might just blend right in to the background, so unless you’re going for a really clean look and it’s goes with what type of engagement photography session you have planned, you might want to consider some colour. Wearing colour can make you stand out and give your photographer even more options on shooting a great black and white scene with your colours popping out of the picture, an option you wouldn’t have wearing black and white. The best thing to do for an engagement photography session is to bring multiple outfits to wear. That will give you the best options for each background you encounter and it comes in handy if you find something cool like a lake or waterfall and end up getting wet. Dry clothes are a fun option to have on hand lol. If you really care about your photos don’t be afraid to ruin your clothes or get them dirty because when you look back at these photos in years to come, I’m betting you won’t even own that outfit anymore. Many people even have fears about not liking having their pictures taken and this is huge reason to have an engagement photography session done with the actual photographer that will be taking your photo on your wedding day. With the practice and time spent with your wedding photographer before hand you should be nice and comfortable on your wedding day knowing what to expect. With myself, I like the couple to be themselves as much as possible. Natural photos are best. You can still even get natural photos with suggestions or direction given by your photographer. When all said and done you’ll have some great memories and photos you can print for your wedding and invitations. Just remember, think big, it’s not everyday you have a professional photographer following you around and if you do…..please hire me…oh please…oh please lol.