Well I guess I too should write something about what is going on with the world right now. The world is basically on lock down and quarantine due to a virus called Covid-19. As a business owner that relies mostly on large functions it is definitely having an effect on day to day business. Many couples are going through a terrible time of having to postpone their dream day after sometimes a very long and large amount of planning and having the unfortunate time of hearing that their vendor is already booked for their second wedding date. Now everybody is scrambling trying to figure out what to do and figuring out how to navigate such a hard time. Of course there is the terrible news of many people that have died due to this virus and I think there will be a lot more bad news to come. With the world shutting down who knows what will happen to our market. I can only assume our markets crashing soon when people start taking this virus seriously and stop spending their money in time of a crisis. Currently, I am trying to put together a new marketing strategy so that my business doesn’t fail but at the same time I can’t morally try to take advantage of such a terrible situation like some other businesses have already begun doing. So on the flip side I have put in place a guarantee to help all couples in the future so that they aren’t so afraid of losing their money if next year this problem happens again. I have also put together some contests to give away some weddings to some unfortunate wedding couples. Hopefully my effort to help people rather than take advantage of people will be rewarded in the long run and hopefully this will all pass over in a short few months of self isolation. If you’re reading this, I hope you stay safe and make the right decisions.