POST #1- My First Blog

Hi there people!

This is my first blog post EVER! Hopefully I’ll have more then just my mom read it lol. I plan on being myself and a little less formal when writing these so please read them like I’m your best friend and be nice. A little about me, I’ve been doing photography for quite a few years now since I was in grade school when I got my first 35mm camera. I absolutely loved it. I still loved it even when the back kept flipping open and exposing my film, so I taped it shut using electrical tape lol. So ghetto. Over the years I took courses whenever I could until one day digital cameras were the big thing. I got my first digital camera and it was great….except I liked film better. Years later after just shooting whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, I found myself not loving my jobs anymore and wanted to pursue something with a purpose that I loved doing. That’s when I asked my friends if I could shoot their wedding, my first wedding and they said yes. I was terrified. I had no real professional equipment needed to shoot a wedding, which I know now but didn’t know then. It was horrible and I never felt so bad. I knew I could do better but the thing about weddings is that everything happens very fast and you don’t get a mulligan. My friends said that they liked their photos which made me feel a little better but if you really know me, I always feel that I could do better and I always strive for the unattainable perfection. So back in 2011 when I started this wedding photography journey, I had no professional equipment, no website, no business cards and no presence in the industry. Now in 2016, I find myself being the one man show. I have some of the best equipment on the market and can focus on the creative side of photography again with no worries. I’m extremely confident because of the many weddings I have shot. It feels great because now I’ve gotten to the point that I can help couples through their experience of getting married and help make sure they have more fun and stress less. I have this brand new website that I’m proud of and constantly find myself updating and working on. This time I had some help building my professional website with believe it or not, a couple I’ve been hired to shoot their 2016 wedding! Thanks Tyler 🙂 I just printed some new business cards and I now have a TON of new luxurious products that can be added to my customers packages if they so choose. Lastly, I went from having no presence at all in the industry to winning an award for Best Wedding Photographer in Canada from the most reputable online wedding company in North America, The Knot. Now I’m plastered everywhere and have a large presence in just under 6 years! You would think I I could slow down and coast but I find myself doing the opposite. I’m reinvesting in the business more then ever and trying my best to give the best possible experience to all my clients in every way I can. You may even think that I think I’m the best and know everything but that’s the opposite as well. I still constantly try to improve my photography each day and am very critical of the images I produce. My goal is to blow away my clients expectations and make them so happy they made the right decision in hiring me for such an important task. So that’s what I’m gonna go work on now cause I’m no writer, I’m a photographer. You can stay and keep reading but don’t forget to have a look around before you leave.