Steel Wool Wedding Photography

If you haven’t heard of Steel Wool Wedding Photography, as seen in this photo, it is a very unique artistic type of photography that sure does attract a crowd and creates absolutely stunning photographs. It is much more intense than sparklers! We’ll use this image above as an example of what a steel wool photo actually is. Yes, this is a real photo I have taken recently of a couple at their wedding. I brought them a couple of panda heads as a surprise because they are just a fun loving couple looking for something different and something that stands out. So in this photo I positioned the newlyweds in a spot about 5 feet in front of where I will be standing to create this work of art. You see, what you may not know is how this photo is taken at all. I have the camera on a tripod set to go off in 10 seconds for a long exposure. Before I click that shutter button I check for framing and lighting of the newlyweds and then I show them exactly what’s going to happen and walk them through what their job is in order to pull this daring photo off. What you can’t see in this photo is the 75 people at their wedding watching my every move in anticipation. In order to get those beautiful sparks flying through the air I need to burn a piece or two of steel wool at a very rapid pace, making it a little light show or a small fireworks show. People really enjoy watching because they have no idea what it is I am doing. So let’s get back to the photo, I click the shutter button and I light this little ball of steel wool on fire and run behind the newlyweds spinning it very very steadily to create whatever image it is I’m trying to achieve. The couple is standing very still careful not to move and then it’s over in 30 seconds and every single thing I did with that fire shows up in the photo. What you get is an image as seen above, which is almost exactly what it looks like in the camera with no editing! I only changed the colour of the sparks to a little more red and a little less orange like you’ll see in my other photos. After years of developing and fine tuning these skills it has become easy to do but in the beginning it was NOT easy and it is very dangerous for everyone involved. Now I know where and when I can’t do these steel wool photos and I know where to stand to keep the dress from getting damaged. Finally, I know what to wear and how to aim those sparks because let me tell you, it hurt so bad in the beginning if you’re not prepared and could cause a fire in seconds if not careful. If you’d like to have this special type of photo done at your wedding make sure you have someone skilled that has done it many times before and if you’re a photographer, remember to practice ahead of time so every one is safe on someone’s wedding day. I hope I made a little easier to understand what steel wool photography is and I hope if I’m your wedding photographer I get to do this for you someday 🙂  Thanks for reading.