Types of Wedding Photography

Unless you’re a photographer you may not know all the different types of wedding photography available. So let’s get started. Terms you’ll find in a quick google search are Wedding Photojournalism,Fine Art,Natural,Fashion,Portrait,Illustrative and Traditional.

Wedding Photojournalism generally is good method to choose if you’re looking for your wedding to be documented. Many candid photos are taken to tell a story of your day. When you’re looking through your photos it’ll be like watching a movies highlights in slow mo if done properly.

Fine art is a type of photography mixed in with other styles to add some beautiful images for your home. Lighting,composition and creative framing or posing is important to a fine art photo.

Natural photography is usually only used for outdoor weddings capitalizing on natural light available as some people prefer the look over what a camera’s flash would look like.

Fashion photography is used for most weddings but absolutely needs to be mixed with other forms of photography. This type of photography is pretty much as it sounds, a photographer will take photos of your weddings fashion in great detail, which is nice to have when you’re spending an arm and a leg on a dress you’ll hopefully only wear once.

Portrait photography basically covers all of your photos when you pose for the camera. The photographer will position and frame the subjects in the proper lighting to make them the center of focus. Portrait photographers are quite popular and usually mix their style with one or more other styles such as traditional.

Illustrative photographers love a good background and with the proper skill,composition and lighting, these photos can be absolutely breath taking. You’ll find these photographers love to photograph landscapes and sunsets but of course another type of photography needs to be mixed in to fully capture a wedding.

Lastly is traditional wedding photography and really the most popular for all weddings. Have you ever seen photos of a bridal party or family standing in a line holding their flowers? Of course you have. Traditional photography may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is always important to have some sort of traditional photography mixed in with another style.

Now that you know the options available, how are you gonna choose what you want for a day you’ve ever experienced? Let me help. Most of what you have read are styles that most photographers mix together. If you write down what you want, you’ll be able to ask each photographer you meet with what they actually offer. Here are some quick examples of each style and popular photos asked for by many brides. Photos of a bride in her dress,fashion. Groom’s or audience’s expressions of bride walking down the aisle,photojournalism. Bride and groom photos posed creatively,portrait photography. Posed bride and groom with an amazing background or sunset,illustrative photography. A beautiful silhouette of bride and groom kissing, fine art photography. Family photos posed in various ways, traditional. Full ceremony photo on the beach or outdoor location, natural photography. Dancing,cutting the cake,speeches and all those candid moments when you’re not posing, wedding photojournalism.

As a photographer that takes sometimes 10,000 photos in a day, let me tell you, no one ever complains when they get all styles mixed into one photographer. So if you’re still unsure what you want, you probably wouldn’t mind hiring me 🙂