(Based in Toronto)
(Worldwide Coverage Available)

Nick Janzen Photography has been specializing in wedding photography since 2010 and is an award winning photographer in wedding photo journalism and wedding portraiture. An average of over 500 photos are taken per hour of service which is an industry leading work ethic. This method ensures that the important moments of your day won’t be missed and you’ll be able to relax on your wedding day knowing every thing is being captured properly. There is always something to photograph to help you remember your day. During the days of editing, all of the duplicates and bad photos are taken out so that you’re only left with the best photos of your day.

On average, newlyweds are receiving approximately 3000 original touched up photos for their full 12 hour day weddings. Nick also chooses his favourites and artistically edits them. After the couple receives their photos, they will have the chance to choose their favourite photos for any artistic edits as well. These are dramatic edits that sometimes can take up to 8 hours to edit and are usually thought of before even taking a photo. This process is done to ensure the original photos are not touched and you can see how an idea comes to life. All photos are given on a USB of your choice, which usually takes between 4-6 weeks to receive. Photos are all full size, high resolution and will have no company logos or watermarks on them. All customers have full rights to print their photos any where they want and have the rights to share their photos online as well.

No hidden fees or charges will ever occur. All charges to the couple are always clearly stated in the contract ahead of time so that there are no surprises after the wedding. Couples are not charged for travel for most of Ontario. Taxes are always included in the prices quoted. Couples always get unlimited locations and wardrobe changes. Unlimited photos are always included. Unlimited communication online or on the phone and multiple free in person consultations. Easy to read contracts are used to protect both the couple and the photographer (me) which will show everything ordered.

Secure methods of payments are offered. A fair payment schedule (25% deposit,50% wedding day, 25% at photo exchange) gives you piece of mind. Every one has heard those horror stories before I’m sure. Free wedding advice is always available to help plan your wedding for a smooth day. Many small important things are ready and on stand by for emergency situations (ex.dress getting ripped or not buttoning up, unknowing how to tie a tie,spare rags for accidents,candy for dry mouth etc etc) Basically, Nick Janzen Photography cares about your day going smoothly, creating happy, fun memories that will last a lifetime. It is very important to me (your photographer)that you have a happy and amazing experience when you think of Nick Janzen Photography. Some sections are below to help you with the decision of what photos you would like to have done for your wedding photography and how long you’ll be needing a photographer for. If you have more questions please check out my Info page or contact us directly. I also have a Facebook page with many more photos and reviews, please visit my About Us page for the link.

Pre-Ceremony photos generally covers photos taken of the rings, details and wedding attire. Candid photos of the bride / groom getting ready as well as the bridal party. One photographer can always handle photographing both the bride and groom’s locations of getting ready. On average 2 hours is needed to properly cover this request.

Ceremony photos are almost always candidly done standing far enough away from the bride and groom to give privacy and no distractions to the guests. Close ups are taken as well during the special moments so that nothing is missed. On average 30 minutes up to 1.5 hours is needed to properly cover this request depending on type of ceremony.

Bride and Groom photos are a chance to break away from the hectic schedule for some fun, relaxing and artistic photos that everybody loves to see. On average 1-2 hours is needed to properly cover this request. Some couples like to use multiple locations for some amazing backgrounds.

 Bridal party and Family photos are a great way to include all of your friends and family in some more creative photos as well as the standard traditional family photos. Some organization pre-wedding day, no shot will be missed for those precious shots you rarely ever get. A great deal of photos are taken with groups to make sure everyone’s eyes are open and people are smiling but don’t worry because on average only 30 minutes -1 hour is needed to cover all of these wonderful moments depending on size of groups and types of bridal party photos taken.

Reception photos can cover a large amount of important moments that take part during a typical wedding day. Some receptions can last up to 8 hours! The usual important things that are always asked for are; Receiving lines, Details of the decor, Food, Cake, Cake cutting, Speeches, First Dance, Parents / Child dance, Bouquet toss, Garter toss, Guests dancing and playing games, sometimes requests for outdoor night writing shots (sparklers for example) is added to the night. On average 4 hours is needed to properly cover most of these requests but sometimes the entire reception is covered. This is really up to the couple and what they want remembered in their photos.

Nick Janzen Photography now only takes on 15-20 full day weddings per year. Unlike many photographers just trying to make a quick buck, as your photographer I believe that it is important that we hit it off in person. Wedding Photography is a business but because I am so passionate about photography I truly want all of my photos to turn out, regardless of what I am shooting.

Nick Janzen Photography would love to be your photographer but does realize sometimes budgets just don’t work out. To give you an idea of pricing, Saturday packages start at $1800 and can include items from the Wedding Products page or additional photography such as, Engagement Photography, Trash the Dress Photography or Boudoir Photography. Discounts are offered for Sunday to Friday weddings as well as special pricing for military and fire fighters that hold a special place in my heart.