Well I guess I too should write something about what is going on with the world right now. The world is basically on lock down and quarantine due to a virus called Covid-19. As a business owner that relies mostly on large functions it is definitely having an effect on day to day business. Many couples are going through a terrible time of having to postpone their dream day after sometimes a very long and large amount of planning and having the unfortunate time of hearing that their vendor is already booked for their second wedding date. Now everybody is scrambling trying to figure out what to do and figuring out how to navigate such a hard time. Of course there is the terrible news of many people that have died due to this virus and I think there will be a lot more bad news to come. With the world shutting down who knows what will happen to our market. I can only assume our markets crashing soon when people start taking this virus seriously and stop spending their money in time of a crisis. Currently, I am trying to put together a new marketing strategy so that my business doesn’t fail but at the same time I can’t morally try to take advantage of such a terrible situation like some other businesses have already begun doing. So on the flip side I have put in place a guarantee to help all couples in the future so that they aren’t so afraid of losing their money if next year this problem happens again. I have also put together some contests to give away some weddings to some unfortunate wedding couples. Hopefully my effort to help people rather than take advantage of people will be rewarded in the long run and hopefully this will all pass over in a short few months of self isolation. If you’re reading this, I hope you stay safe and make the right decisions.

Wedding Photography Prices

Wedding photography prices have definitely changed over the years but then again so has our living costs. In this post I will try and cover what photographers charge to photograph a wedding locally and for a destination wedding just add travel costs. Let’s start with the fact that many people seem to forget that wedding photographers are people too and just trying to make a living doing what they love. If you have met a photographer willing to photograph all the weddings they receive for free and that is really good, let them do it cause they’re already rich enough they don’t need to worry about bills like the rest of us, congrats you hit the jackpot lol. If not, then let’s talk about why us photographers charge what we charge. When I first started out back in 2011 I was working this sales job that I didn’t really love. I would sit and do my job all while thinking about my true purpose in life. I wanted to do something I loved to do that could make a difference, no matter how small. After I saw how unhappy my brother was with their experience they had with their wedding photographer I thought,that’s it, I can do that! I would take my skills and passion and mix it with business know how and really make a difference. I thought I would be making a living in no time,during an economy when people didn’t like to part ways with their hard earned money. I thought that’s ok, I can go out and buy new professional digital equipment,offer cheap pricing and give couples everything they want to make them happy. I tried charging $500 per day,which I found out that that wouldn’t work, I charged $1000 per day for as many hours as needed. I was working 18-20 hours a day at the wedding and another 60 hours a week JUST going through all the photos I took and editing. So, do the math, I had to spend$8000 on new equipment,pay for a car and expenses and of course I needed to get paid enough money to live as well. It worked out that I was paying to work as a photographer. Quickly, I needed to change my pricing up to $1500 per day and since I owned the equipment I figured it would start working out and people were going to hire me like crazy with such a low price and good portfolio.Right? Well, the answer is no. It turned out that I got hired for even less weddings the following year.So I bumped my price up again and put a cap of the amount of hours and poof I got triple the amount of weddings in Toronto.That’s when I figured out the hard way how important wedding photography prices were to selling a potential couple.My skills hadn’t changed, just the image I was giving people. It seems that an amateur photographer trying to break into the business of photographing weddings will charge close to nothing to photograph a wedding when starting out. Makes sense, that’s just what I did. Then after a few years the pricing will take a big jump in order to compete with the other photographers in the area for a certain bracket of couples. If you don’t about this, it goes like this, the kijiji brides we call them look for the cheapest price no matter what because they simply don’t have a budget for a photographer or photography just isn’t that important to them.These photographers typically are students or amateurs trying to become full time and need some experience and they charge around $500 for a day. Which is perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong if you are this type of bride or photographer. Then there is the bargain hunter bride that likes photography. Usually this bride can either be laid back or wants everything they see on Pinterest. Since these amateurs now full time photographers need to book more weddings to make a living, they’re price point is around the $1500-$2000 per day. This bride wants a good photographer at a reasonable price point. After shooting multiple years at this price point you start to bump your prices up and that’s when you find the photography first type of bride. This bride is looking for a photographer she falls in love with.Money is still a discussion but plays a smaller part in the decision process because what really matters most is what their wedding photos are going to look like at the end of the day. From a photographers point of view, I call this bride the trusting bride. She goes out and does her research and knows what she wants. She hires what she thinks will deliver their vision and then trusts the photographer from that point on. No micro managing or giving lists from Pinterest etc etc. Again, to each their own. Everyone is different and likes what they like. Typically, these photographers are established for many years and know exactly what they want and how they want to work. They usually charge $2500-$4000 just for the photography portion. You’ll find these photographers and couples like to take risks and don’t mind trying new things. For example, I had a couple eating their dinner and when I told them there was an amazing sunset outside, they dropped their forks and ran outside for a quick photo. Lastly, apart from celebrity status, we have the money is not an option bride. These brides just want the best of the best of everything. With more money being spent usually comes more demands and let’s be honest here, if you’re gonna spend $5000-$15,000 just on a wedding photographer, you deserve to have your demands met. If you’re a photographer charging these amounts, you’re not reading this blog so screw you lol jk. These photographers are very very good at what they do and they spend a lot of time making sure every demand is met, therefor taking more time to deliver photos. Hopefully some of this pricing should clear some things up while you’re shopping around. I will mention a few more things to help. Photographers are people in the service industry, so if you’re just gonna ask everyone what they charge for their packages you’re going to over spend regardless of which kind of bride you are. All photographers need to charge for their time because it’s their job to make money but that doesn’t mean they have to sell prints or books or anything else. It would be smart to think about what YOU want at the end of the day and ask for a price for those things only. For example, why spend an extra $1000 on a package just because the photographer included a book you don’t actually want? If all you want is an engagement session and photos of your wedding, then ask for just that. The hardest part about wedding photography prices are trying to put a generic package together for everyone when not everyone wants the same thing. Please keep in mind once a photographer is established and shooting full time that prices are based on the cost of equipment,time to not only shoot the wedding but time spent editing the photos,insurance and other expenses. It is not just a number picked out of a hat to charge everyone.If I could photograph a wedding everyday and not have to edit them AND get away with charging less, I would. I love being a part of weddings and I love meeting new friends. Of course I love taking photographs that will last a lifetime and be handed down generations after generations. It’s meaningful. The problem is all the crap I just wrote about pricing lol. What I can do, is to make sure I treat my couples like gold and share with them my artistic vision and just pray they love my work at the end of the day. All anyone can really do is be themselves and try to put in the effort. If you come this far, you can always reach out or follow me on social. I’d love to hear from ya!

Candid Photography

Candid Photography
Wedding couple dancing being their natural selves after the dance floor opens up.Candid photo

Candid photography is one of my favourite things to do. I love being able to see people act themselves and not put a show because someone is watching. I hate when people act fake which is why I love my candid photography. I love walking by someone with my camera down and then at the last second catching a real laugh or smile. Those photos end up being some of my unique wedding photos and sometimes make for some really funny wedding photos. If I can’t do it fast I do it waiting patiently hidden behind other people or a pillar or something or I just pull out the long lens, either way, I get those candid photos. Great part about shooting candid photos is how quickly I can do it. It doesn’t take any time at all. I don’t have to ask people to smile or stop blinking  etc. I can just set up the photo and shoot it. I used to shoot around 10,000 photos in a full day of wedding photography but I’ve toned it down to about 5-6000 photos per wedding. It’s actually pretty cool when you go through the photos in post editing. It’s like watching a movie and being able to really see true candid reactions. Best part about shooting so many photos is that I always get the shot. If the first one didn’t turn out for any reason the next one did so it really opens up how many good photos my clients get from their wedding. I have you ever heard of someone saying “oh,please don’t take so many photos, I don’t want to remember my biggest day of my life”, the answer, NOPE! Now candid photography doesn’t always have to be completely used from far away and unseen. I also like to shoot my creative wedding photos this way as well. I think of an idea and tell the newlyweds to go to a certain place and act in a generalized way such as being loving to each other etc. By doing this I don’t fully know what they’ll do and I can catch them doing something real rather than staged in that moment. Also, when I get first shot and the couple is being themselves even just a little bit more, you may get their true personalities to shine through and get some true candid moments. I’ve had brides and grooms both do some nasty funny things, where if I would have said to be serious and just cut the cake and pose and pose some more, then that’s all I would get wouldn’t I? I’m all for people being themselves and given a little coaching and direction when needed, for example, a steel wool photo can’t have people running around lol. It could be why so many couples have enjoyed me taking their wedding photos….maybe. “Like a ninja” they always say lol. So funny.This photo above is a prime example of a couple just being themselves on the dance floor. Super cute.

Steel Wool Wedding Photography

If you haven’t heard of Steel Wool Wedding Photography, as seen in this photo, it is a very unique artistic type of photography that sure does attract a crowd and creates absolutely stunning photographs. It is much more intense than sparklers! We’ll use this image above as an example of what a steel wool photo actually is. Yes, this is a real photo I have taken recently of a couple at their wedding. I brought them a couple of panda heads as a surprise because they are just a fun loving couple looking for something different and something that stands out. So in this photo I positioned the newlyweds in a spot about 5 feet in front of where I will be standing to create this work of art. You see, what you may not know is how this photo is taken at all. I have the camera on a tripod set to go off in 10 seconds for a long exposure. Before I click that shutter button I check for framing and lighting of the newlyweds and then I show them exactly what’s going to happen and walk them through what their job is in order to pull this daring photo off. What you can’t see in this photo is the 75 people at their wedding watching my every move in anticipation. In order to get those beautiful sparks flying through the air I need to burn a piece or two of steel wool at a very rapid pace, making it a little light show or a small fireworks show. People really enjoy watching because they have no idea what it is I am doing. So let’s get back to the photo, I click the shutter button and I light this little ball of steel wool on fire and run behind the newlyweds spinning it very very steadily to create whatever image it is I’m trying to achieve. The couple is standing very still careful not to move and then it’s over in 30 seconds and every single thing I did with that fire shows up in the photo. What you get is an image as seen above, which is almost exactly what it looks like in the camera with no editing! I only changed the colour of the sparks to a little more red and a little less orange like you’ll see in my other photos. After years of developing and fine tuning these skills it has become easy to do but in the beginning it was NOT easy and it is very dangerous for everyone involved. Now I know where and when I can’t do these steel wool photos and I know where to stand to keep the dress from getting damaged. Finally, I know what to wear and how to aim those sparks because let me tell you, it hurt so bad in the beginning if you’re not prepared and could cause a fire in seconds if not careful. If you’d like to have this special type of photo done at your wedding make sure you have someone skilled that has done it many times before and if you’re a photographer, remember to practice ahead of time so every one is safe on someone’s wedding day. I hope I made a little easier to understand what steel wool photography is and I hope if I’m your wedding photographer I get to do this for you someday 🙂  Thanks for reading.

Types of Wedding Photography

Unless you’re a photographer you may not know all the different types of wedding photography available. So let’s get started. Terms you’ll find in a quick google search are Wedding Photojournalism,Fine Art,Natural,Fashion,Portrait,Illustrative and Traditional.

Wedding Photojournalism generally is good method to choose if you’re looking for your wedding to be documented. Many candid photos are taken to tell a story of your day. When you’re looking through your photos it’ll be like watching a movies highlights in slow mo if done properly.

Fine art is a type of photography mixed in with other styles to add some beautiful images for your home. Lighting,composition and creative framing or posing is important to a fine art photo.

Natural photography is usually only used for outdoor weddings capitalizing on natural light available as some people prefer the look over what a camera’s flash would look like.

Fashion photography is used for most weddings but absolutely needs to be mixed with other forms of photography. This type of photography is pretty much as it sounds, a photographer will take photos of your weddings fashion in great detail, which is nice to have when you’re spending an arm and a leg on a dress you’ll hopefully only wear once.

Portrait photography basically covers all of your photos when you pose for the camera. The photographer will position and frame the subjects in the proper lighting to make them the center of focus. Portrait photographers are quite popular and usually mix their style with one or more other styles such as traditional.

Illustrative photographers love a good background and with the proper skill,composition and lighting, these photos can be absolutely breath taking. You’ll find these photographers love to photograph landscapes and sunsets but of course another type of photography needs to be mixed in to fully capture a wedding.

Lastly is traditional wedding photography and really the most popular for all weddings. Have you ever seen photos of a bridal party or family standing in a line holding their flowers? Of course you have. Traditional photography may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is always important to have some sort of traditional photography mixed in with another style.

Now that you know the options available, how are you gonna choose what you want for a day you’ve ever experienced? Let me help. Most of what you have read are styles that most photographers mix together. If you write down what you want, you’ll be able to ask each photographer you meet with what they actually offer. Here are some quick examples of each style and popular photos asked for by many brides. Photos of a bride in her dress,fashion. Groom’s or audience’s expressions of bride walking down the aisle,photojournalism. Bride and groom photos posed creatively,portrait photography. Posed bride and groom with an amazing background or sunset,illustrative photography. A beautiful silhouette of bride and groom kissing, fine art photography. Family photos posed in various ways, traditional. Full ceremony photo on the beach or outdoor location, natural photography. Dancing,cutting the cake,speeches and all those candid moments when you’re not posing, wedding photojournalism.

As a photographer that takes sometimes 10,000 photos in a day, let me tell you, no one ever complains when they get all styles mixed into one photographer. So if you’re still unsure what you want, you probably wouldn’t mind hiring me 🙂

So Many Wedding Photographer Horror Stories!

I’m sure by now since being engaged all of the horror stories have just been coming out of everywhere, right? Everyone has input about how they have heard a story about some friend of a friend experiencing such bad luck with one of the vendors at their wedding and now you’re rethinking and second guessing all of your decisions. One of the most common errors a couple makes is hiring the wrong photographer. Most of the time this can be avoided but not all the time. A little research and asking the right questions is certainly very important before hiring the person that’s gonna be stalking you for 10 hours lol. Yes, it is true, every one that buys a camera these days thinks they are a professional photographer and will put together an okay portfolio and charge a bunch of money. So how do you figure out who is a professional and who is just starting out? How do you know what you want? Even if you can figure these things out, which one do you choose? Let me TRY and help all of you nice people out there without writing for 20 pages lol. First thing is first, know your date and location before speaking to a photographer. There are hundreds of photographers that will tell you what you wanna hear to get a quick buck. Write down your questions and concerns and have a real conversation with a person on a phone or in person. This way you can eliminate certain characters that you didn’t want to work with. If someone can’t have an intelligent conversation about something they do for a living, then just imagine how they’ll be on your wedding day talking to you about an idea or making your guests feel like family. When you look at a portfolio pretty carefully and not just flying through the pics, you can almost always tell how good the photographer is or if they just get lucky. If they get past this stage and you love their ideas and portfolio, meeting in person to see prints and possibly a full wedding day is usually a must. An important thing to know is what type of a photographer are you getting and if it matches what you’re looking for in your wedding photos. When you figure that out, you should now know that not every photo journalist or portrait photographer do the same thing. Let me help with a few questions you may want to ask to narrow down what you’re looking for because even though I’m an experienced award winning professional wedding photographer specializing in portrait and photo journalism, I STILL may not be what you’re looking for.

Steps and questions to help:

  1.  Do they have a small portfolio that has many duplicate ideas?Ideas are different than shooting style
  2. Are the photos mostly of the same few couples? means amateur which is fine depending on budget
  3. How long have they been shooting weddings for?Comfortable professional = 4+ years
  4. What size of photos do you get?Majority of photos should be bigger than 3Mb
  5. How many photos will you get?Anything less than 75 photos an hour means you walk!
  6. How will you receive your photos? Flash drive is best, internet transfer but some still give cd or prints is worst.
  7. How long will it take to get the photos? should never take more than 3 months no matter how busy
  8. Are the photos jpegs or raw that you receive? jpegs will be best for most people and most weddings
  9. If they are jpegs, are they originals, touched up, or fully edited?Getting originals, touch ups and fully edited is best
  10. Can they help with planning details? locations or where to shoot. The sun makes a difference.
  11. Do they have back up equipment and insurance?
  12. Can they shoot in a small dark room with movement?
  13. Are there extra charges for anything?
  14. Do the photos have company logos or watermarks on them?
  15. Do you have permission to print or use your photos online?

Hopefully, some of these main questions can help you weed out the photographers just shooting for a quick buck. Just remember if everything is looking perfect on paper you’re still gonna want to like the photographer and please, please, please don’t believe everything you hear. Two photographers are not better than one. A company selling a photographer and videographer is not better than finding each by yourself, nor is it cheaper. Having a friend or family member shoot your wedding is only the best option when you’re broke and photos don’t really matter to you. Finally, ask yourself what is MOST important when your day is over and what is still important in 10 years and what is most important in 50 years? Maybe that question can help you get rid of all the things that don’t really matter on your big day.

All you need to know about Engagement Photography Sessions

Hello again! I’ve been constantly asked so many questions about engagement photography sessions. Unfortunately, people still have no where to turn but bad information strung together from various friends and websites. I’m very open about things revolving around the wedding industry because I feel some companies out there still want nothing more then to rip people off and make a quick buck. So I’ll do what I can to be as objective as possible and fill you in on why, what, where, when and how these engagement photography sessions are important. After you find the photographer, hopefully me, the first thing you want to ask your photographer are some important questions. These questions are much more important then you think. They help you as a customer understand what your wedding day photos will look like and what it will be like to work with this photographer. There are many things that will happen on the wedding day that you won’t be able to see during an engagement photography session but at least you should have an idea if your photographer is capable of photographing your wedding and if you like them enough to spend the whole day with them. So to get started you have to think to yourself what kind photos do you want done. Engagement photography sessions aren’t supposed to be a boring walk in the park, get your photo taken and go home. It’s supposed to be a time when you get the chance to have professional photos taken doing whatever you can think of doing without having to stop your fun and take a selfie. You basically have professional paparazzi for a few hours. Imagine having a grand food fight like my wife and I did or going behind the scenes at the Toronto Zoo touching and feeding a giraffe up close. Go on an amazing hike to a waterfall and get your picture taken under the water! Like tall buildings, why not a stroll downtown Toronto or an old small town like Stratford or Tobermory. Play with a campfire, sparklers, steel wool or more at night and get some awesome light writing photos. The point is, think bigger then a park with a tree. Nature is great, don’t get me wrong, I love it. Just don’t feel forced into the same old thing just because some people say so. Get on a rollarcoaster with your photographer and have some fun literally. Once you get the idea of what to do then you can choose when in the year and where to start planning for. Why these engagement photography sessions are important are because when you’re doing any of these ideas you’ll get to know your photographer and be able to see how they work.  On your wedding day you’ll be prepared for whatever happens and have confidence in your wedding photographer to help you through the possible crazy wedding day that could and most likely will happen because as much as you plan, you just can’t control everything. So how do you have a successful engagement session and if you’ve done everything above you probably still have questions, right? I get this question a lot, What should we wear? Let’s be honest here, you know what you look good wearing but there are some things to keep in mind. If you wear black or white most of the time you might just blend right in to the background, so unless you’re going for a really clean look and it’s goes with what type of engagement photography session you have planned, you might want to consider some colour. Wearing colour can make you stand out and give your photographer even more options on shooting a great black and white scene with your colours popping out of the picture, an option you wouldn’t have wearing black and white. The best thing to do for an engagement photography session is to bring multiple outfits to wear. That will give you the best options for each background you encounter and it comes in handy if you find something cool like a lake or waterfall and end up getting wet. Dry clothes are a fun option to have on hand lol. If you really care about your photos don’t be afraid to ruin your clothes or get them dirty because when you look back at these photos in years to come, I’m betting you won’t even own that outfit anymore. Many people even have fears about not liking having their pictures taken and this is huge reason to have an engagement photography session done with the actual photographer that will be taking your photo on your wedding day. With the practice and time spent with your wedding photographer before hand you should be nice and comfortable on your wedding day knowing what to expect. With myself, I like the couple to be themselves as much as possible. Natural photos are best. You can still even get natural photos with suggestions or direction given by your photographer. When all said and done you’ll have some great memories and photos you can print for your wedding and invitations. Just remember, think big, it’s not everyday you have a professional photographer following you around and if you do…..please hire me…oh please…oh please lol.

So you got engaged…now what?

Well HEY, congratulations on your engagement! Now what are you gonna do? Well, let me help. First, you’re gonna need a date to get married. Some couples choose a date that’s important to them and some couples don’t care about the date at all and think the venue is the most important thing and just take whatever date is available still. Without a date everything else is useless….yes even the dress. It may be years before you get married so make that decision first so everything else can start happening. The wedding industry is a funny thing because of the amount of people getting married each year it allows for the growth of many new businesses to come along. The problem is that YOU as a couple will not know that a business is new until you ask or do your research. Putting luck aside for the purpose of this blog, you’ll want to do some research into companies you’re gonna want to spend your day with. Once you figure out a list of what is important to you on your day, you’ll be able to start looking into companies to hire. Again, putting luck aside you’ll want to give yourself some time before the wedding to get all the vendors available on your day and first to book up is the venue. Always, book your venue first. Once you do that, you’ll have a location and a date to tell the other vendors and it will help in your process. If photography is important to you, it comes next on the list. Just remember one thing, no matter how you feel now in life, in 50 years when you’re having a hard time remembering all the details of your special day and how it all began, you’re going to need some good photos to help you out. Long after our time here on earth a photo will remain to pass down to the generations of the family you started on this magical day. No pressure lol. So in order to find a really good photographer within your budget AND available on your date you’re gonna want to do this immediately after booking your venue as some dates book up years in advance. Next on the list comes various things depending on what is important to you but it could be your wedding attire or videography or DJ/host. Wedding attire is usually a hard thing if you’re picky but easy in the sense that what you see is what you get and once you find it there’s nothing more to worry about other then some alterations. Just remember something about clothing, it’s really expensive when it’s “in” fashion and the next season it may be up to 90% off just because the dress store or designer wants to clear them out. Good way to save on a very expensive dress that you may still find amazing! A good videographer is unfortunately very very difficult to find especially within any budget so if this is important to you, the best thing to do is ask around for a referral or maybe someone you’ve met at another wedding you’ve been to. Tip if you’re looking, you want the highest quality video AND audio, look for stock footage too. If you’re looking for a host / DJ the absolute most important thing is gonna be if you like their personality. These guys can make or break a wedding, trust me, I’ve seen it! When you think everything is perfect but you’re not sure why things aren’t running on time, or people aren’t excited around you or why people just won’t do anything other then leave the room or sit at their own table and talk amongst themselves….ya…that’s the DJ /host. Next on the list again could many things depending on your list but from what I’ve experienced I’d say your wedding planners, decor, person marrying you and location is all quite important to handle. Even if you don’t have much in your budget for it a wedding planner or a day of wedding planner can REALLY help relieve some stress. I’ve actually dealt with many great wedding planners and this will also come down to if you mesh well with the person. What I find hard to deal with as a vendor and when I got married myself are the wedding planners provided by the venue. When you compare these two options there really isn’t a comparison. You know what people hate most about weddings? The boring ceremony…which is supposed to be the most important right? So no matter what your beliefs are make sure you find someone special that can keep the crowd awake, it’ll help you feel less like the center of attention and relieve some anxiety. After you accomplish these things the rest is up to you. Some things may book up quickly offering niche products or services so be careful when you’re thinking about what to have be part of your day. Other services and products such as cakes, fireworks, transportation etc. are always on the mind but don’t really book up that far in advance and can usually wait. A tip for any service or product you wanna get for your wedding…….MEET IN PERSON with the company and do your research so you’re not just throwing the money out the window cause we all know how quickly a wedding can add up. So spend the money on the right things that are important to you and forget the rest.

POST #1- My First Blog

Hi there people!

This is my first blog post EVER! Hopefully I’ll have more then just my mom read it lol. I plan on being myself and a little less formal when writing these so please read them like I’m your best friend and be nice. A little about me, I’ve been doing photography for quite a few years now since I was in grade school when I got my first 35mm camera. I absolutely loved it. I still loved it even when the back kept flipping open and exposing my film, so I taped it shut using electrical tape lol. So ghetto. Over the years I took courses whenever I could until one day digital cameras were the big thing. I got my first digital camera and it was great….except I liked film better. Years later after just shooting whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, I found myself not loving my jobs anymore and wanted to pursue something with a purpose that I loved doing. That’s when I asked my friends if I could shoot their wedding, my first wedding and they said yes. I was terrified. I had no real professional equipment needed to shoot a wedding, which I know now but didn’t know then. It was horrible and I never felt so bad. I knew I could do better but the thing about weddings is that everything happens very fast and you don’t get a mulligan. My friends said that they liked their photos which made me feel a little better but if you really know me, I always feel that I could do better and I always strive for the unattainable perfection. So back in 2011 when I started this wedding photography journey, I had no professional equipment, no website, no business cards and no presence in the industry. Now in 2016, I find myself being the one man show. I have some of the best equipment on the market and can focus on the creative side of photography again with no worries. I’m extremely confident because of the many weddings I have shot. It feels great because now I’ve gotten to the point that I can help couples through their experience of getting married and help make sure they have more fun and stress less. I have this brand new website that I’m proud of and constantly find myself updating and working on. This time I had some help building my professional website with believe it or not, a couple I’ve been hired to shoot their 2016 wedding! Thanks Tyler 🙂 I just printed some new business cards and I now have a TON of new luxurious products that can be added to my customers packages if they so choose. Lastly, I went from having no presence at all in the industry to winning an award for Best Wedding Photographer in Canada from the most reputable online wedding company in North America, The Knot. Now I’m plastered everywhere and have a large presence in just under 6 years! You would think I I could slow down and coast but I find myself doing the opposite. I’m reinvesting in the business more then ever and trying my best to give the best possible experience to all my clients in every way I can. You may even think that I think I’m the best and know everything but that’s the opposite as well. I still constantly try to improve my photography each day and am very critical of the images I produce. My goal is to blow away my clients expectations and make them so happy they made the right decision in hiring me for such an important task. So that’s what I’m gonna go work on now cause I’m no writer, I’m a photographer. You can stay and keep reading but don’t forget to have a look around before you leave.