Post #2

I’ve been getting so many calls on what I offer in way of services. I do so much that the website will be too big to show people without boring the hell outta them lol.

New Blog

New year coming equals a new start. Haven’t done much of a blog before but why not start fresh and tell the good people what’s new with Nick Janzen Photography. With only one day left of 2022 I had to rebuild an entire website from scratch. Not what I expected to do on my christmas vacation. So I said to myself, why not start my entire business outlook over as well. It’s been 12 years in business and the time just keeps flying by with barely anything new and exciting to offer. I’ve always wanted to make a difference with my work so this will be the year. All I can do is try, right? I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it happen without taking away from my own income and how to not raise prices just to make a donation with other peoples hard earned money but I have finally figured it out. Harder work, more work, less time during the week and being a little creative has given me the ability to finally do something that will make a difference. If it builds up how I’m thinking it will. My business will give back in so many ways that I’m getting excited how big this can grow. Wanna see how big it gets, keep coming back year after year.